SiHL Performance SL Paper – 3672

8 mil wet strength satin paper for Latex, Solvent and UV printers.

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SiHL Performance SL Paper – 3672. Sihl Value Line provides economical solutions to those every day needs! This extension of Sihl provides options such as outdoor wet strength imaging papers, canvas, and even point of sale media such as window perf and floor graphics. Each of these products carries its own unique benefits and can be the solution for many different applications.

What sets Sihl Performance SL Paper apart is its advanced composition and coating technology, engineered to optimize print performance and image quality. The paper is treated with a special coating that enhances ink adhesion, reduces drying time, and minimizes ink bleed, resulting in sharp, crisp prints with vibrant colors and precise detail.

Ease of use is also a key feature of Sihl Performance SL Paper. The paper is designed for smooth feeding through printers and copiers, minimizing jams and downtime during printing operations. Its optimized surface properties ensure excellent print quality and reliability, even in high-volume printing environments.

Sihl Performance SL Paper is engineered for durability and longevity. With resistance to water, smudging, and fading, prints produced on this paper maintain their integrity and visual appeal over time, ensuring that documents and images remain vibrant and readable for years to come.

Product Highlights

  • Excellent Performance : Price Ratio
  • Outdoor Durable
  • Folds Without Cracking
  • Wet Strength
  • Vibrant Images

Sihl 3672 – Spec Sheet


Sihl Performance SL Paper – 3672 is a high-quality printing media known for its exceptional features and versatility. Here are its key features:

Optimized Surface: Sihl 3672 features an optimized surface that ensures excellent ink adhesion, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints. The smooth surface allows for precise detail and accurate color reproduction, making it suitable for a wide range of printing applications.

Fast Drying: The paper is engineered for fast drying, reducing the risk of smudging and ensuring that prints can be handled immediately after printing. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-volume printing environments where efficiency is essential.

Durability: The paper is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with resistance to water, smudging, and fading. Prints produced on Sihl 3672 maintain their integrity and visual appeal over time, making them suitable for archival purposes and long-term storage.

Wide Range of Applications: Sihl Performance SL Paper – 3672 is suitable for a wide range of printing applications, including business documents, presentations, marketing materials, and creative projects. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for professionals seeking high-quality printing media for various purposes.


Sihl Performance SL Paper – 3672 is a versatile printing media suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. Some key applications include:

Business Documents: Sihl 3672 is commonly used for printing business documents such as reports, presentations, and correspondence. Its fast drying properties and professional appearance make it ideal for creating high-quality documents that leave a lasting impression.

Marketing Materials: The paper is well-suited for printing marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and promotional posters. Its optimized surface allows for vibrant colors and sharp graphics, making marketing materials stand out and capture attention effectively.

Photographic Prints: Photographers use Sihl Performance SL Paper – 3672 to print high-quality photographic prints with accurate color reproduction and sharp detail. Whether used for personal projects or professional portfolios, the paper delivers exceptional results that showcase the beauty of photographs.

Creative Projects: Artists and designers utilize Sihl 3672 for various creative projects, including artwork, illustrations, and graphic designs. Its compatibility with different printing technologies and fast drying properties make it suitable for producing prints for exhibitions, galleries, and promotional purposes.

Presentations and Training Materials: Professionals use Sihl 3672 for printing presentations, training materials, and educational resources. The paper’s durability and professional appearance ensure that printed materials are easy to read and visually appealing, making them suitable for business meetings, conferences, and training sessions.

Archival Documents: Sihl Performance SL Paper – 3672 is suitable for printing archival documents and records that require long-term preservation. Its resistance to water, smudging, and fading ensures that printed materials maintain their integrity and readability over time, making it ideal for storing important documents and records.


Caliper / Thickness: 8 mil
Basis Weight: (gsm) 190
Finish: Satin
Opacity: 98%
Whiteness: 110
Brightness: 92

Printer Compatibility


solvent Solvent


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30" x 165', 54" x 165', 60" x 165', 63" x 165'

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