Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512

Printable matte wallpaper for custom wallcoverings, murals, and decorative accent walls.

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Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512.
Design2wall non-woven wallpaper is the newest option in custom interior decoration and design. All of Sihl’s Design2wall products provide dimensional stability, exceptional lightfastness, PVC free, and flame-retardant qualities that are key aspects to a successful wallcovering design. Sihl’s 2512 provides a soft suede feel and is produced with our high performance coating creating excellent color photo reproductions. Sihl 2512 also carries an ASTM – E84 Class A fire certification. All Design2wall products must be applied with a standard wallpaper paste.

Made from premium non-woven material, the Sihl 2512 wallpaper boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Its non-woven composition not only enhances its strength but also facilitates easy installation, making it a practical choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The matte finish adds a touch of understated elegance, ensuring that the wallpaper serves as a versatile backdrop for a variety of design schemes.

What truly sets the Sihl 2512 wallpaper apart is its captivating design. The Sol 195 Matte 2512 variant features a stunning pattern that seamlessly integrates organic and contemporary elements, creating a visual masterpiece that captivates the eye and sparks the imagination. Whether it’s the intricate details of floral motifs or the clean lines of geometric shapes, every aspect of the design is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of beauty and sophistication.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Sihl 2512 wallpaper offers practical benefits as well. Its washable surface makes maintenance effortless, allowing homeowners to keep their walls looking fresh and pristine with minimal effort. Furthermore, its non-woven construction makes it resistant to tearing and abrasion, ensuring that it retains its allure even in high-traffic areas.

Versatile, durable, and visually stunning, Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512 is the epitome of modern interior design. Whether used in residential or commercial settings, it elevates any space with its blend of style, functionality, and innovation. With this wallpaper adorning your walls, you can transform your home or business into a sanctuary of beauty and elegance.

Product Highlights

  • Linen-textured, non-woven 13.4 mil, 195 gsm wallpaper applied with traditional wallpaper paste
  • For custom wallcoverings, murals, and decorative accent walls
  • Paper is FSC-certified and meets Class A standards for flame-retardant materials
  • Compatible with HP Latex inks, UV-curable inks, and eco-solvent, and solvent inks
  • High opacity covers flaws and colors in underlying wall. A protective clearcoat isn’t required.

Sihl 2512 – Spec Sheet Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Wallpaper


The Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512 is a premium-grade wallpaper renowned for its exceptional quality and innovative features. Here are its key features:

Non-Woven Material: Constructed from high-quality non-woven material, this wallpaper offers outstanding durability and strength. Non-woven wallpapers are known for their resistance to tearing and stretching, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

Matte Finish: The wallpaper boasts a matte finish, adding a touch of sophistication and understated elegance to any room. The matte surface helps to minimize glare and reflections, creating a smooth and seamless backdrop for various design schemes.

Innovative Design: The Sol 195 Matte 2512 variant features a captivating design that seamlessly blends organic and contemporary elements. Whether it’s intricate floral patterns, geometric shapes, or abstract motifs, the design is meticulously crafted to enhance visual appeal and create a unique ambiance.

Easy Installation: Thanks to its non-woven composition, the wallpaper is easy to install, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its user-friendly nature simplifies the application process, allowing for hassle-free installation on various surfaces.

Washable Surface: The wallpaper is designed with a washable surface, making maintenance effortless. Stains and smudges can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth, ensuring that the wallpaper retains its pristine appearance for years to come.

Versatility: Whether used in residential interiors, commercial spaces, or hospitality environments, the Sihl 2512 wallpaper adds a touch of style and sophistication to any setting. Its versatility allows it to complement a wide range of decor styles and color palettes.

Environmental Friendliness: Sihl is known for its commitment to sustainability, and this wallpaper is no exception. Manufactured using eco-friendly practices and materials, it meets high environmental standards without compromising on quality or performance.

In summary, the Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512 stands out for its durability, versatility, and stunning design. With its matte finish, easy installation, and washable surface, it offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality, making it a top choice for enhancing any interior space.


The Sihl 2512 Design2Wall Non-woven Wallpaper Sol 195 Matte 2512 offers a wide range of applications across various settings due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Some of the key applications include:

Residential Interiors: This wallpaper is ideal for enhancing the interiors of homes, whether it’s used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, or hallways. Its matte finish and captivating design can add personality and style to any residential space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Commercial Spaces: From offices and retail stores to restaurants and cafes, the Sihl 2512 wallpaper can elevate the ambiance of commercial environments. Its durable construction and easy maintenance make it suitable for high-traffic areas, while its stylish design can help businesses make a memorable impression on customers and clients.

Hospitality Environments: Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues can benefit from the aesthetic appeal and practical features of this wallpaper. Whether it’s used in guest rooms, lobbies, or common areas, it can enhance the overall guest experience by adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Healthcare Facilities: The washable surface of the wallpaper makes it well-suited for use in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Its durability and resistance to stains make it easy to maintain hygiene standards, while its soothing design can contribute to a calming and healing environment.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can utilize this wallpaper to create inspiring and engaging learning environments. Whether it’s used in classrooms, libraries, or corridors, it can help stimulate creativity and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of educational spaces.

Event Spaces: The Sihl 2512 wallpaper can also be used to transform event venues such as conference centers, banquet halls, and exhibition spaces. Its versatility allows for customization to suit different themes and occasions, while its durable construction ensures a long-lasting finish.


Caliper / Thickness 13.4 mil
Basis Weight: (gsm) 195
Finish: Matte
Opacity: 91
Whiteness: 75
Core: 3 inch
Roll Width & Length options: 60 in x 167 ft, 54 in x 167 ft, 30 in x 167 ft

Printer Compatibility


UV Cure



Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

30' x 20' Sample Size, 30" x 167', 54" x 167', 60" x 167'

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