Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl w/Adhesive QM-WRMVAD

Highly water resistant and instant dry times for faster production.

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 Que Media Premium 6 mil Matte Vinyl w/Adhesive QM-WRMVAD.
Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive, stands as a pinnacle substrate in the realm of digital printing. This specialized vinyl material combines premium quality with versatile adhesive properties, offering an unparalleled solution for a myriad of indoor and outdoor applications.

QM-WRMVAD features a matte finish that provides a smooth, non-reflective surface, ensuring optimal visibility and readability of printed graphics and text. Whether you’re creating vibrant signage, captivating displays, or eye-catching decals, this vinyl substrate delivers exceptional print results with vivid colors, sharp details, and crisp text.

What sets QM-WRMVAD apart is its integrated adhesive backing, designed for effortless application and long-lasting adhesion. Whether applied to walls, windows, or other surfaces, the adhesive ensures that prints stay securely in place, even in demanding environments.

Suitable for use with aqueous ink systems, QM-WRMVAD offers compatibility with a wide range of printing technologies, allowing for flexibility in printing equipment and ink choices. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for printers seeking reliable and consistent results across various printing platforms.

QM-WRMVAD is engineered for durability, with a weather-resistant construction that withstands exposure to the elements, including sunlight, rain, and wind. This durability ensures that prints maintain their integrity and vibrancy over time, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Applications for QM-WRMVAD are virtually limitless. From promotional signage and retail displays this premium matte vinyl with adhesive provides the perfect canvas for bringing your creative vision to life.

Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive, QM-WRMVAD, offers unmatched quality, versatility, and durability for a wide range of digital printing applications. Elevate your projects with this premium substrate and achieve exceptional results that captivate and inspire.

QM-WRMVAD Spec Sheet Premium Adhesive Matte Vinyl

Premium Adhesive Matte Vinyl


Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive (QM-WRMVAD) is a versatile material commonly used in various printing and signage applications. Its key features include:

Premium Matte Finish: QM-WRMVAD has a matte finish, which reduces glare and reflections, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where visibility is crucial.

Durability: This vinyl is engineered to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature variations. It is resistant to fading, ensuring that printed graphics remain vibrant over time.

Permanent Adhesive Backing: The vinyl comes with a permanent adhesive backing, allowing for easy installation on a wide range of surfaces, including walls, windows, vehicles, and signage substrates. Once applied, it forms a strong bond, ensuring long-term adhesion.

Water and Weather Resistant: The vinyl is water and weather resistant, making it suitable for outdoor applications where it may be exposed to rain, snow, or harsh environmental conditions. It maintains its integrity and print quality even in challenging outdoor environments.

Versatility: QM-WRMVAD is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, wall decals, window graphics, floor graphics, and more. Its flexibility allows for creativity in design and application.

Easy Application and Removal: While the adhesive provides a strong bond, QM-WRMVAD is designed for easy application, allowing for smooth installation without wrinkles or air bubbles. Additionally, it can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the underlying surface, making it suitable for temporary or promotional graphics.

Wide Range of Sizes: The vinyl is available in various widths and lengths to accommodate different printing and application requirements. Whether for small decals or large-format signage, QM-WRMVAD offers options to meet specific project needs.

Overall, Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive QM-WRMVAD is a durable, versatile, and high-quality material suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor printing and signage applications. Its premium features make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking reliable and long-lasting graphics solutions.


Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive (QM-WRMVAD) offers a wide range of applications due to its versatility, durability, and adhesive backing. Here are some common uses:

Indoor Signage: Create vibrant and eye-catching indoor signs for businesses, offices, retail stores, and events. QM-WRMVAD’s matte finish reduces glare, ensuring clear visibility of signage even in well-lit environments.

Outdoor Signage: Design durable outdoor signs for storefronts, outdoor events, construction sites, and directional signage. The weather-resistant properties of QM-WRMVAD ensure that prints maintain their integrity and vibrancy when exposed to sunlight, rain, and wind.

Point-of-Purchase Displays: Design impactful point-of-purchase displays, shelf signage, and promotional materials for retail environments. QM-WRMVAD’s matte finish and adhesive backing make it ideal for creating product displays, sales promotions, and branding elements.

Event Signage: Produce temporary event signage, banners, and directional graphics for trade shows, conferences, concerts, and exhibitions. QM-WRMVAD’s durability and adhesive backing allow for easy installation and removal without leaving residue behind.

Labels and Decals: Design custom labels, stickers, and decals for product packaging, branding, and promotional purposes. QM-WRMVAD’s adhesive backing ensures that prints adhere securely to a wide range of surfaces, making it suitable for labeling products, equipment, and packaging.

Overall, Que Media Premium Matte Vinyl with Adhesive (QM-WRMVAD) offers versatility and durability for a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage, branding, and promotional applications across various industries and settings.


Surface Finish: – Matte
Base Material: – PVC Vinyl
Gloss Measurement: – 3 +/- 10 by Angle of 60°
Adhesive: – Clear Permanent Acrylic
Roll Widths: – 24”, 36”, 42”, 50” 60”
Roll Length: – 100 ft
Core: – 2”
Liner Material: – Double Side PE Coated
Liner Weight: – 155 GSM +/- 10%
Liner Thickness: – 6 Mil +/- 1
Face Stock Weight: – 175 GSM +/- 10%
Face Stock Thickness: – 6 Mil +/- 1
Opacity: – 95
Brightness: – 105 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Whiteness: – 148 (CIE Ganz)
Ink Compatibility: – Aqueous, Latex, UV.

Printer Compatibility

Waterbased Dye

Waterbased Pigment

Premium Adhesive Matte Vinyl

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24" x 100', 36" x 10' (Sample Size), 36" x 100', 42" x 100', 50" x 100', 60" x 100'

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