Que Media Polyester Fabric QM-QFABRIC-60

 A weave pattern that looks and feels like a true Polyester-Cotton blended canvas

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Que Media 600 x 600D Polyester Fabric QM-QFABRIC 60″ x 150′

QFABRIC has a weave pattern that looks and feels like a true Polyester-Cotton blended canvas. The benefit of QFABRIC is it has the look, the feel, and the print resolution of a true poly/cotton fine art canvas, yet it is 100% polyester which makes it far more price competitive and will not sag when gallery wrapped, unlike “traditional” poly/cotton canvases. This super heavy 100% polyester fabric is very versatile and can be used for almost any application. A strong 600×600 denier makes it a great option for banners and also décor art printing. It can easily be Class 5 recycled, making a great eco-friendly soft signage solution. The photos-on-canvas market is always evolving, so get out ahead of the pack with Que Media Polyester Fabric.

With a high-density weave of 600 x 600 denier polyester, this fabric has exceptional strength and resilience. The latex coating further enhances its durability, rendering it resistant to abrasions, tears, and adverse weather conditions. Whether subjected to intense sunlight, moisture, or mechanical stress, QM-QFABRIC maintains its integrity, ensuring longevity in diverse environments. Latex Coated Polyester Fabric

Versatility lies at the core of QM-QFABRIC’s design, catering to a broad spectrum of applications. The fabric’s inherent UV resistance ensures vibrant colors remain unfaded even after prolonged exposure to sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor signage and advertising materials.

Beyond its robust physical properties, QM-QFABRIC prioritizes sustainability. Crafted from polyester, a recyclable material, it aligns with eco-conscious practices, minimizing environmental impact without compromising performance. This eco-friendly attribute positions QM-QFABRIC as a frontrunner in the quest for sustainable textile solutions.


  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Canvas-like Weave
  • Ultra Strong
  • Recyclable


  • Canvas Alternative
  • Gallery Wraps
  • Hanging Banners
  • Roll Up Banners

QM-QFABRIC Spec Sheet Polypropylene Banner Double-side Printable

Polypropylene Banner Double-side Printable


QUE Media’s 600 x 600D Latex Coated Polyester Fabric, QM-QFABRIC, showcases several key features that set it apart in the realm of textile engineering:

High-Density Weave: The fabric is woven with a high-density structure of 600 x 600 denier polyester threads, providing exceptional strength and durability.

Sustainability: Made from polyester, a recyclable material, QM-QFABRIC aligns with eco-conscious practices. Its sustainable composition minimizes environmental impact while still delivering superior performance.

Reliability: The fabric is engineered to exceed industry standards, offering reliability and longevity in demanding environments. Its robust construction and resistance to wear make it a dependable choice for a wide range of applications.


  • Canvas Alternative
  • Gallery Wraps
  • Hanging Banners
  • Roll Up Banners


Surface Finish: – Matte Latex
Denier: 600 x 600D
Base Material: – Fabric
Caliper: 15 Mil +/- 1
Base Weight: 270 GSM +/- 10%
Brightness: – 90 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Core: – 3” with 2” Adapter
Whiteness: – 112 (CIE Ganz)
Gloss Measurement: – 3 +/- 10% by angle of 60°
Opacity: – 88
Ink Compatibility: – Eco-Solvent, Latex, UV
Roll Length: – 150 ft
Roll Widths: – 24″, 36″, 44″, 60″
Print Side: Both Sides Printable

Printer Compatibility



 UV Cure

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 7 × 7 in

36" x 10' (Sample Size), 36" x 200', 60" x 200'

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