Que Media Gloss Polymeric PVC Vinyl with Air Egress Adhesive QM-MOTOPRINT-54

Long lasting, polymeric, shrink resistant PVC vinyl for high end vehicle decals.

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Que Media Gloss Polymeric PVC Vinyl with Air Egress Adhesive QM-MOTOPRINT-54

Developed as a long lasting, polymeric, shrink resistant PVC vinyl for high end vehicle decals and signage. Equipped with a one of a kind high tack, marine-grade, air-egress permanent adhesive, this product is a perfect choice for motorcycle sticker kits, long lasting contour cut stickers, and other labeling applications. Originally designed to cater to the most demanding motorcycle, snow mobile, or quad OEM graphic kits, this product is also a great choice for 2+ year durable outdoor signage. When the application calls for an extremely aggressive adhesive to withstand freezing temperatures, or high heat, this unique adhesive PVC vinyl has been developed for extreme durability and long life span. Rather than using extremely expensive cast vinyl for long lasting stickers/signage, consider adding this durable PVC adhesive product to your customer’s print shop.

Constructed from high-quality polymeric PVC vinyl, it withstands the rigors of various environments, ensuring longevity and vibrancy in finished projects. The gloss finish adds a professional sheen, enhancing the visual appeal of any design.

Featuring an air egress adhesive, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 facilitates effortless installation by allowing trapped air bubbles to escape during application. This innovative feature ensures smooth and bubble-free results, even for large-scale projects, saving time and effort for installers.

Versatility is a hallmark of QM-MOTOPRINT-54, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used for outdoor signage, wall graphics, or architectural installations, this vinyl delivers exceptional performance and visual impact. Its compatibility with, eco-solvent, UV, and latex inks further expands its applicability across various printing technologies.

Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, this vinyl delivers outstanding results, making it the preferred choice for discerning creators and installers alike.


  • Polymeric PVC Vinyl
  • High Tack Air-Egress
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Longer Lasting than
  • Monomeric PVC
  • Economical Price
  • Stay Flat PE-Coated
  • Paper liner


  • Vehicle Sticker Kits
  • Long Lasting Labels
  • Event Graphics
  • Durable Permanent
  • Adhesive PVC Applications

QM-MOTOPRINT Spec Sheet Air Egress Polymeric Vinyl

Air Egress Polymeric Vinyl


Que Media Gloss Polymeric PVC Vinyl with Air Egress Adhesive QM-MOTOPRINT-54 offers a range of features that make it an exceptional choice for various printing and signage applications:

Polymeric PVC Construction: Crafted from high-quality polymeric PVC vinyl, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 offers superior durability and resilience, ensuring longevity and vibrant colors in finished projects.

Gloss Finish: The gloss finish of QM-MOTOPRINT-54 adds a professional sheen to printed graphics, enhancing their visual appeal and making colors appear more vibrant.

Air Egress Adhesive: Featuring an air egress adhesive, this vinyl allows trapped air bubbles to escape during installation, ensuring smooth and bubble-free results. This feature simplifies the application process, even for large-scale projects.

Ink Compatibility: Compatible with eco-solvent, UV, and latex inks, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 accommodates different printing technologies, allowing for versatile printing options to meet specific project requirements.

Exceptional Printability: This vinyl offers exceptional printability, delivering sharp and vibrant prints with outstanding clarity and detail. Whether creating graphics with fine text or intricate designs, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 ensures excellent results.

Ease of Handling: QM-MOTOPRINT-54 is designed for ease of handling and application, making it suitable for both experienced professionals and novice users. Its user-friendly features simplify the printing and installation process, saving time and effort.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 offers excellent weather resistance and durability, making it ideal for long-lasting signage and graphics in various environments.

Professional Results: With its combination of durability, versatility, and exceptional print quality, QM-MOTOPRINT-54 ensures professional-looking results that meet the demands of commercial branding, advertising, and signage projects.


Que Media Gloss Polymeric PVC Vinyl with Air Egress Adhesive QM-MOTOPRINT-54 is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of printing and signage applications. Some key applications include:

Outdoor Signage: Use QM-MOTOPRINT-54 to produce eye-catching outdoor signage for businesses, events, or promotional purposes. Its weather-resistant properties and high-quality printing capabilities make it suitable for banners, billboards, building wraps, and more.

Architectural Installations: Enhance architectural spaces with customized vinyl graphics and wraps. QM-MOTOPRINT-54 can be used to decorate windows, doors, columns, and other architectural elements, transforming ordinary surfaces into dynamic focal points.

Point-of-Purchase Displays: Design attention-grabbing point-of-purchase (POP) displays for retail environments using QM-MOTOPRINT-54. Its glossy finish and high-resolution printing capabilities make it perfect for showcasing products and promotions in-store.

Trade Show Graphics: Produce impactful trade show graphics and displays that stand out in crowded exhibition halls. QM-MOTOPRINT-54 can be used for banners, backdrops, booth graphics, and floor decals, helping businesses attract attention and engage attendees.

Promotional Materials: Print promotional materials such as posters, banners, and stickers using QM-MOTOPRINT-54. Its glossy finish and vibrant colors help attract attention and communicate messages effectively in various marketing campaigns.

Customized Branding: Businesses can use QM-MOTOPRINT-54 to customize their branding across a variety of surfaces and applications. From vehicles and storefronts to packaging and promotional items, this vinyl offers a versatile and professional solution for showcasing brand identity.

Que Media Gloss Polymeric PVC Vinyl with Air Egress Adhesive QM-MOTOPRINT-54 is a versatile material that lends itself to a wide range of printing and signage applications, both indoors and outdoors.


Surface Finish: – Gloss
Base Material: – Polymeric PVC Vinyl
Adhesive Material: High Tack Marine Grade Permanent
Liner Material: 
Liner Weight: 1600 GSM +/- 10%
Liner Caliper: 3.2 mil +/- 1
Face Stock Weight: 160 GSM +/- 10%
Face Stock Caliper: 3.2 mil +/- .5
Base Weight: 169 GSM +/- 10%
Caliper: 8 mil +/- 1
Durability: Indoor: Up to 3 years. Outdoor: Up to 2 years
Brightness: – 91 (ISO Blue whiteness)
Core: – 3 inch
Whiteness: – 112 (CIE Ganz)
Gloss Measurement: 53 +/- 10% by angle of 60°
Opacity: – 97
Ink Compatibility: – Eco-Solvent, Latex, UV
Roll Length: – 150 ft
Roll Widths: – 54 inch

Printer Compatibility



 UV Cure

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 7 × 7 in
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