Marabu ClearShield Classic

A high-viscosity water-based liquid coating for enhanced UV-protection.

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Marabu ClearShield Classic Gloss Gallon.
A high-viscosity water-based liquid coating for enhanced UV-protection, chemical and abrasion resistance and dirt pick up resistance. For use on most non-water sensitive materials, ClearShield Classic offers the highest film build of all the formulations. It is perfect for vinyl, banners, and suitable for vertical applications.

This formulation has the highest viscosity of any of the ClearShield Laminates. ClearShield Classic was designed to provide excellent UV-protection, chemical and abrasion resistance as well as dirt pick up resistance. ClearShield Classic can be applied by hand using a roller application, and it’s high viscosity makes it perfect for rolling onto vertical applications.

ClearShield Classic is a water-based liquid laminate that can offer the same protection as film laminates while saving as much as 60% in production costs. To ensure maximum protection our coatings are specifically formulated for a variety of inks and applications such as banners, vehicle graphics, billboards, signage, and truck-side curtains.

Marabu’s ClearShield Liquid Coatings are formulated with state of the art UV-inhibitors and HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers) to provide superior protection against damaging UV-rays. Our coatings also offer protection against chemicals, abrasion, and dirt pick up. Marabu ClearShield Classic

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Using Marabu ClearShield Classic offers several significant benefits for protecting and enhancing printed graphics:

UV Protection: ClearShield Classic provides excellent UV resistance, shielding printed materials from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This UV protection helps prevent fading and deterioration of colors caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, ensuring that printed graphics retain their vibrancy and clarity over time.

Weather Resistance: ClearShield Classic forms a durable barrier against environmental elements such as moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations, and pollutants. It helps prevent damage from rain, snow, and other weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor applications where printed graphics are exposed to the elements.

Abrasion Resistance: The protective coating offered by ClearShield Classic enhances the durability of printed graphics by providing abrasion resistance. This helps protect against scratches, scuffs, and other physical damage that can occur during handling, transportation, or outdoor use, ensuring that graphics maintain their quality and appearance.

Chemical Resistance: ClearShield Classic is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including cleaning agents, solvents, and oils. This chemical resistance helps protect printed graphics from damage caused by accidental spills or exposure to harsh chemicals, making it suitable for applications in industrial or commercial settings.

Enhanced Clarity and Gloss: ClearShield Classic enhances the visual appearance of printed graphics by providing a smooth finish. This finish adds depth and richness to colors, making images appear more vibrant and dynamic. Additionally, ClearShield Classic offers excellent clarity, allowing printed details to remain sharp and clear.

Ease of Application: ClearShield Classic is easy to apply using various methods, including spray, roll, or brush, depending on the specific project requirements. Its user-friendly formulation ensures smooth application with minimal effort, saving time and labor costs during the finishing process.

Long-Term Protection: ClearShield Classic forms a durable barrier that provides long-term protection for printed graphics. It resists peeling, cracking, and yellowing over time, ensuring that graphics maintain their quality and appearance for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent reapplication or replacement.

Environmental Sustainability: ClearShield Classic is formulated without harmful solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making it safe for both users and the environment. Its low-odor formulation minimizes unpleasant fumes during application, providing a more comfortable working environment while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Marabu ClearShield Classic offers superior protection, clarity, and durability for printed graphics, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where preserving the quality and appearance of printed materials is essential.


Marabu ClearShield Classic offers versatile protection and enhancement for a wide range of printed materials. Its durability, weather resistance, and clarity make it suitable for various applications in different industries. Here are some common applications for using Marabu ClearShield Classic:

Outdoor Signage: ClearShield Classic is ideal for protecting outdoor signage, including banners, billboards, and posters. Its UV resistance helps prevent fading and deterioration caused by sunlight exposure, while its weather resistance shields prints from rain, wind, and other environmental elements. This makes it suitable for long-term outdoor advertising campaigns, ensuring that signage remains vibrant and legible even in harsh conditions.

Vehicle Graphics: ClearShield Classic is commonly used to protect vehicle wraps and decals. Its abrasion resistance helps shield graphics from scratches and damage caused by road debris, car washes, and other environmental factors. Additionally, its chemical resistance protects prints from exposure to fuels, oils, and cleaning agents, making it suitable for use on vehicles ranging from cars and trucks to buses and trailers.

Fine Art Prints: Artists and photographers use ClearShield Classic to protect and enhance fine art prints, including canvas prints, giclées, and photographic prints. Its glossy finish enhances color saturation and depth, while its UV resistance helps preserve the integrity of prints displayed in galleries, exhibitions, and homes. ClearShield Classic provides a protective barrier against dust, fingerprints, and minor abrasions, ensuring that fine art prints maintain their quality and appearance over time.

Indoor Displays: ClearShield Classic can be used to protect indoor displays, including point-of-sale materials, retail signage, and trade show graphics. Its glossy finish adds visual appeal to printed materials, while its durability ensures long-lasting protection against wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Whether used in retail environments, corporate offices, or exhibition spaces, ClearShield Classic helps maintain the professional appearance of indoor displays.

Labels and Decals: ClearShield Classic is suitable for protecting labels, decals, and stickers used in various industries, including packaging, manufacturing, and retail. Its chemical resistance ensures that printed information remains legible and intact, even when exposed to moisture, oils, and cleaning agents. ClearShield Classic helps extend the lifespan of labels and decals, reducing the need for replacement and ensuring compliance with product labeling requirements.

Protective Coatings: ClearShield Classic can be used as a protective coating for a wide range of printed materials, including posters, maps, and educational materials. Its versatility allows it to be applied to different substrates, including paper, vinyl, and synthetic materials, providing durable protection for prints used in educational settings, public spaces, and informational displays.

Marabu ClearShield Classic offers reliable protection and enhancement for printed materials across various industries and applications, ensuring that graphics remain vibrant, durable, and long-lasting in diverse environments.

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