Marabu ClearShield Canvas Guard

Specifically formulated for use on water-resistant canvas and Giclee applications

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Marabu ClearShield Canvas Guard. ClearShield Canvas Guard is the ideal coating for canvas and Giclee applications. It is specifically formulated for flexibility so that canvas can be stretched after coating.

ClearShield Canvas Guard is specifically formulated for use over water-resistant canvas and Giclee applications. Designed with flexibility in mind, Canvas Guard allows users to stretch the canvas after coating without any cracking. It is formulated to work on micro porous and porous ink jet receptive layers and helps to reduce pinholes normally encountered when applying coatings to ink-jet canvas. Canvas Guard can be applied using all hand application methods, such as a short-nap roller application. ClearShield Canvas Guard is the ultimate protection for canvas applications.

Note: For gel coated and other water sensitive canvas and dye-based inks please use our ClearJet Fine Art Product line. Marabu ClearShield Canvas Guard.

ClearShield Canvas Guard Spec Sheet

Marabu ClearShield Canvas Guard


  • State of the Art UV-inhibitors
  • Protects from abrasion and marring
  • Highly flexible
  • Chemically resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Enhances color

Marabu ClearShield Canvas Guard

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