Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG

An award winning, premium 100% cotton rag digital fine art paper

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Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG

Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG is a high-quality, fine art paper specifically designed for professional photographic and fine art reproductions. This paper, known for its impressive and luxurious feel, is a 300gsm (grams per square meter) product, combining the traditional elegance of fine art papers with the durability and versatility demanded by contemporary printing needs.

The standout feature of the Verona300RAG is its composition. Made from 100% cotton, it has a smooth, matte finish that provides an excellent base for a wide range of printing projects. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for reproducing paintings, photographs, and digital art with remarkable color depth and detail. The natural white tone of the paper further enhances the vibrancy of colors, ensuring that each print faithfully represents the original artwork’s hues and tones.

One of the key advantages of the Verona300RAG is its archival quality. The paper is acid-free and lignin-free, which significantly reduces the risk of degradation over time. This makes it an ideal choice for artists and photographers who require their prints to remain pristine for long periods, such as in gallery exhibitions or archival collections.

In summary, Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG is a premium fine art paper that marries the classic appeal of cotton-based art papers with modern printing technology. Its smooth, matte finish, combined with archival quality and compatibility with standard inkjet printers, makes it a top choice for professionals seeking to produce gallery-quality prints. The paper’s ability to reproduce colors vividly and with exceptional detail ensures that every print is a faithful and long-lasting representation of the original artwork.

Verona300RAG Spec Sheet


Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG is a high-quality paper widely used in professional photography and fine art printing. Here are its key features:

100% Cotton Base: The paper is made entirely from cotton, which contributes to its durability and luxurious feel.

300gsm Weight: This indicates a heavy, high-quality paper weight, which is ideal for professional-grade prints.

Smooth, Matte Finish: The smooth surface is perfect for high-resolution prints, delivering sharp details and vibrant colors.

Natural White Color: The natural white tone enhances the reproduction of colors, making it ideal for prints that require true-to-life color representation.

Archival Quality: Being acid-free and lignin-free, the paper resists yellowing and deterioration over time, making it suitable for archival prints.

Ink Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers, particularly those that use pigment-based inks, ensuring versatility in printing.

Dimensional Stability: The paper is designed to maintain its dimensions and not warp, ensuring long-lasting quality and appearance of prints.

Suitable for a Range of Applications: It’s ideal for reproducing fine art photographs, professional photo prints, digital art, and other high-end printing needs.

Premium Feel: The thickness and texture of the paper give it a substantial, high-end feel, which is often sought after for gallery presentations and luxury print editions.

In summary, Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG combines the traditional elegance of fine art papers with modern technical features, making it a preferred choice for artists and photographers who demand high-quality, long-lasting prints.


Magic Cotton Smooth Rag – Verona300RAG is particularly well-suited for several high-end printing applications where quality and longevity are paramount. Its main applications include:

Fine Art Photography: Its ability to accurately reproduce colors and details makes it an excellent choice for printing high-resolution photographs, especially for gallery exhibitions or high-quality photo books.

Professional Photographic Prints: Photographers looking to present their work in the best possible quality often choose this paper for its texture and color fidelity.

Digital Art Reproductions: Digital artists can utilize this paper to create physical copies of their digital work, taking advantage of its smooth surface for sharp, vibrant prints.

Reproducing Paintings and Drawings: Artists who want to make high-quality reproductions of their traditional paintings and drawings find this paper suitable because of its texture and weight, which mimic the feel of original art paper.

Limited Edition Prints: For artists creating limited edition prints, the archival quality and premium feel of this paper make it an attractive choice.

Exhibition Prints: Its durability and resistance to fading are essential for prints that will be displayed in exhibitions, galleries, or museums.

Portfolio Presentations: Professionals showcasing their work in physical portfolios often prefer this type of paper for its ability to produce impressive and lasting prints.

Archival Printing: Its acid-free and lignin-free nature makes it perfect for archival purposes, ensuring that prints remain pristine over time.


Thickness – 16.5 mil
Basis Weight – 300 g/m
Whiteness – 89
Brightness – 91
pH – Acid Free
Optical brighteners – No
Core – 3 inch Univ
100% Cotton
Award winning Magic Verona coating
No optical brighteners
pH neutral, Lignin-free
Elegant smooth matte finish
Instant dry
Vibrant colors
Rich blacks
Fade resistant
Superior B&W reproduction

Printer Compatibility

Waterbased Dye

Waterbased Pigment


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24" x 50', 36" x 50', 44" x 50'

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