Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe DMCF4HPS

4 mil dimensionally stable optically clear polyester film.

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Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe DMCF4HPS

DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe is a specialized printing medium designed to cater to a wide array of high-quality printing needs, especially in the fields of professional graphics and technical drawings.

DMCF4HPS is a clear, polyester film renowned for its exceptional clarity and precision in image reproduction. One of its distinguishing features is the inclusion of a side stripe, which greatly enhances its compatibility with printers that require edge detection for precise print alignment. This makes the film an ideal choice for applications requiring high levels of accuracy and detail.

The robust construction not only enhances its longevity but also ensures stable handling through various printing processes. It is resistant to both tearing and warping, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

The clear nature of the DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film allows for the creation of overlays, transparencies, and other applications where see-through qualities are beneficial. Its surface is specially treated to provide excellent ink adhesion, ensuring that printed images and texts are sharp, vibrant, and smudge-resistant. This feature is particularly important for high-resolution graphics and detailed technical drawings.

In terms of applications, the DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film is extensively utilized in architectural and engineering environments for producing high-quality drafts, blueprints, and technical drawings. It is also popular in the graphic design industry for creating overlays in multilayered designs and in the production of high-resolution display graphics.

The film’s clarity and quality also make it suitable for educational and instructional purposes, where transparency and precision are key. Additionally, it’s used in the advertising sector for creating window graphics and other transparent promotional materials.

In summary, the DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe is a versatile, high-quality film ideal for a wide range of professional applications requiring clarity, precision, and durability.

Magic DMCF4HPS Clear Film with Side Stripe Spec Sheet Clear Film with Side Stripe


The DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe is a specialized printing material designed for high-precision applications, and it comes with several distinctive features:

Clear Polyester Film: The primary material is a clear polyester, offering excellent transparency and clarity, which is essential for creating overlays, transparencies, and precise graphic displays.

Side Stripe for Printer Compatibility: A key feature is the side stripe, which aids in edge detection for printers. This stripe ensures compatibility with printers that require a physical border for proper media alignment and feed, enhancing print accuracy.

Optimized for High-Resolution Printing: The film’s surface is treated to support high-resolution printing, allowing for the reproduction of detailed images and sharp text, crucial for technical drawings and professional graphics.

Durable and Tear-Resistant: Its polyester base provides a robust and tear-resistant quality, making it suitable for use in environments where durability is key.

Flexibility and Stability: Despite its strength, the film maintains a degree of flexibility, making it easy to handle and use without compromising its stability during the printing process.

Ink Adhesion: The surface treatment also enhances ink adhesion, ensuring that the printed images or texts do not smudge or blur, and remain vibrant over time.

Compatibility with Various Ink Systems: It can be used with both dye and pigment ink systems, broadening its usability across different types of printers and applications.

Reduced Curling and Warping: The film is engineered to minimize issues like curling and warping, which are common in lesser quality films, especially under varying environmental conditions.

Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for a variety of professional uses, including architectural and engineering drawings, graphic design overlays, educational materials, and advertising displays.


The DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe is designed for specialized applications that require high precision and clarity. Here are some of its main applications:

Architectural and Engineering Drawings: Ideal for printing detailed architectural renderings, engineering plans, and blueprints. Its clarity ensures that fine lines and minute details are crisply rendered, which is crucial in these fields.

Overlays for Drafting and Design: Used by professionals in drafting and graphic design for creating overlays. The clear nature of the film allows for precise alignment and comparison of different layers of a project.

Printing of Technical and Scientific Diagrams: Suitable for producing technical and scientific diagrams where accuracy and detail are paramount, such as in research, laboratory settings, or technical education.

Window Displays and Graphics: Used in retail and commercial settings for creating window displays and graphics. Its clarity and durability make it a good fit for promotional displays that are visible and attractive from both inside and outside.

Advertising and Promotional Materials: Employed in the creation of high-quality advertising materials, especially those requiring layered or translucent effects.

Educational and Instructional Materials: In educational settings, it’s used for creating visual aids, instructional materials, and overlays for teaching complex concepts where multiple layers of information are presented visually.

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Suitable for printing detailed maps and geographical data, where the clarity and precision of the film aid in the accurate representation of spatial information.

Art and Creative Projects: Artists and designers utilize this film for various creative projects, especially where layering, light, and transparency play integral roles in the artwork.

Prototype Development: Used in industrial design and product development for creating prototypes, especially when layers of design need to be compared or combined.

Medical Imaging and Healthcare: In the medical field, it can be used for printing high-quality images such as scans and x-rays, where detail and accuracy are critical.

The DMCF4HPS Magic Clear Film with Side Stripe, with its high precision, clarity, and compatibility with various printing technologies, is thus a versatile tool across many professional domains, particularly where detailed graphic reproduction is needed.


Thickness: 4 mil
Finish: Gloss
Material Type: PET Film
Core Size: 2 in


Printer Compatibility

 Waterbased Dye

 Waterbased Pigment

Clear Film with Side Stripe

Weight 13 lbs
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24" x 75', 36" x 75', 42" x 75'

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