Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper – OMNI

OMNI is a low-cost alternative to high priced poster papers.

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Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper – OMNI 

Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper – OMNI is a high-quality printing paper designed to meet the diverse needs of professional and amateur printers alike.

The Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper is a part of the OMNI product line, known for its versatility and durability in various printing contexts. The paper has a thickness of 8 mil, striking a perfect balance between durability and flexibility. This thickness makes it ideal for both indoor and long-term outdoor displays, withstanding different environmental conditions without compromising on quality.

One of the standout features of this paper is its satin finish. This finish provides a subtle sheen that enhances the vibrancy of colors without the glare often associated with glossy papers. It ensures that images are sharp and vivid, making it perfect for high-resolution photographs, detailed illustrations, and vibrant designs. This makes the Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper a popular choice for photographers, graphic designers, and marketing professionals who require top-notch visual presentations.

The OMNI range is renowned for its compatibility with various printing technologies, and this paper is no exception. It works seamlessly with both dye and pigment inks, as well as latex and UV print systems, making it a versatile choice for different types of printers, including inkjet and laser printers. This feature ensures that users do not face limitations in their choice of printing methods.

From high-end advertising posters, professional photo prints, to informational displays in museums and galleries, it meets a broad range of printing needs. The durability and quality of the paper make it a cost-effective choice for businesses and individuals who require long-lasting prints without sacrificing visual quality.

OMNI Spec Sheet


he Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper – OMNI has several key features that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of printing needs:

Satin Finish: The satin finish of this paper provides a soft sheen that enhances color vibrancy and sharpness without the high glare of glossy papers. This makes images and prints appear more vivid and detailed.

8 mil Thickness: The paper has a thickness of 8 mils, offering a robust and durable quality. This thickness is substantial enough to provide longevity and resist wear, yet still flexible for easy handling and application.

High-Quality Image Reproduction: The paper is designed to produce high-resolution images with excellent clarity and color depth, suitable for professional photography, detailed illustrations, and high-quality marketing materials.

Wide Range of Applications: Its durability, finish, and print compatibility make it suitable for a broad spectrum of uses, from advertising posters and professional photo prints to educational and informational displays.

Cost-Effectiveness: Given its durability and quality, the Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper offers a cost-effective solution for long-lasting and visually appealing prints.


The Magic 8 mil Satin Poster Paper – OMNI is highly versatile and suitable for a range of applications, particularly in areas where both visual impact and durability are important. Here are some of the main applications:

Advertising Posters: Ideal for creating eye-catching posters for marketing and advertising campaigns. The satin finish enhances visual appeal without the glare of glossy papers, making it perfect for display in various lighting conditions.

Professional Photography Prints: The paper’s ability to accurately reproduce colors and details makes it a great choice for printing high-resolution photographs, ensuring that the final prints reflect the photographer’s vision.

Trade Show and Event Displays: Frequently used for creating displays and banners for trade shows, exhibitions, and events. Its durability and resistance to wear make it suitable for environments where the prints might be frequently handled or moved.

Retail Signage: Useful in retail settings for creating in-store displays, promotional signs, and window posters. Its attractive finish draws attention while maintaining a high-quality look.

Informational and Educational Posters: Often employed in educational settings like schools, museums, and galleries, where clarity and legibility are paramount. The paper can be used to print informational posters, exhibit descriptions, and instructional materials.

Point of Sale Displays: Ideal for creating high-impact point of sale materials in retail environments, where attracting customer attention is key.

Office and Business Presentations: Used for business presentations, conference posters, and corporate announcements where visual quality is important to make a professional impression.

Decorative Art Prints: Suitable for artists and designers looking to print high-quality reproductions of their work for sale or display.

Custom Home Decor: Can be used for printing personalized posters, family photos, or artwork for home decoration.


Thickness – 8 mil
Basis Weight – 220 g/m2
Gloss – (60°) 25%
Brightness – 88
Whiteness – 94
Optical brighteners – Yes
Core  – 3 inch Univ

Printer Compatibility

Waterbased Dye

Waterbased Pigment


UV Cure

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

24" x 100', 24" x 200', 36" x 100', 36" x 15' Sample Size, 36" x 200', 42" x 100', 42" x 200', 54" x 100', 54" x 200', 60" x 100', 60" x 200'

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