Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper – GFPHOTO

7 mil, photorealistic paper with a glossy finish.

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Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper – GFPHOTO

GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper is a high-quality photographic paper designed to bring images to life with striking clarity and vivid colors. This paper has a thickness of 7 mil, providing a substantial feel that is both durable and luxurious.

Material and Quality: It’s designed to be compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers, offering versatility for various printing needs. The paper’s smooth, glossy finish enhances the sharpness and brightness of the photos, making it an ideal choice for high-resolution images.

Color and Image Reproduction: One of the standout features of this paper is its excellent color reproduction capabilities. It supports a wide color gamut, ensuring that prints exhibit vibrant, lifelike colors. The high ink absorption rate prevents smudging and ensures that the colors stay true to the original digital image, making it perfect for printing detailed photographs and artwork.

Durability and Longevity: The 7 mil thickness not only adds a professional touch but also contributes to the paper’s durability. It resists bending, tearing, and fading, ensuring that prints maintain their quality over time. This makes it an excellent choice for photo albums, displays, or any application where longevity is crucial.

Applications and Versatility: GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper is versatile, catering to a range of applications from professional photo printing to everyday projects. It’s suitable for creating high-quality prints for exhibitions, portfolios, or photo albums. Its compatibility with various printers and ink types makes it accessible to a broad audience, from professional photographers to hobbyists.

In summary, GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to produce high-quality, vibrant, and long-lasting photographic prints. Its combination of durability, color accuracy, and versatility makes it a go-to option for a wide range of photographic and printing needs.

GFPHOTO Spec Sheet


GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper stands out in the market for its specialized features designed to cater to high-quality photo printing.

Thickness and Durability: With a 7 mil thickness, this paper offers a substantial and professional feel. This thickness not only enhances the tactile experience but also contributes to the paper’s durability, ensuring that prints can withstand handling and are less prone to damage compared to thinner alternatives.

Exceptional Color Reproduction: It is engineered to support a wide color gamut, allowing for vibrant, true-to-life color reproduction. This feature is particularly important for printing photographs where accurate color representation is essential.

Glossy Finish: The glossy finish of the paper enhances the sharpness and brightness of the photos. This finish helps in creating prints that are visually striking and have a high level of contrast and depth.

High Ink Absorption: GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper has a high ink absorption rate, which is crucial in preventing smudging and ensuring that the ink dries quickly. This results in crisp, clear images without any blurring or ink spread.

Printer Compatibility: This paper is designed to be compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers. This versatility makes it accessible to both professional photographers and amateurs alike, as it can be used with commonly available printers.

Longevity: The paper’s resistance to fading ensures that prints maintain their quality over time. This makes it suitable for applications where the longevity of the print is important, such as in photo albums or archival prints.


GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper, with its high-quality features, is well-suited for a variety of applications, particularly in areas where superior image quality and durability are important. The main applications include:

Professional Photography Prints: This paper is ideal for printing professional photography work, including portrait, landscape, and fine art photography. Its ability to reproduce colors vividly and accurately makes it a top choice for photographers looking to showcase their work at its best.

Exhibition and Gallery Displays: The durability and high-quality finish make it suitable for prints that will be displayed in galleries or exhibitions. Its resistance to fading and handling ensures that the prints remain pristine over the course of an exhibit.

Photos and Portfolios: For photographers creating albums or portfolios of their work, this paper ensures that each image is presented with clarity and vibrancy. The thickness and durability add a premium feel, making it ideal for high-end photo books or professional portfolios.

Archival Prints: Due to its longevity and resistance to fading, the paper is an excellent choice for archival prints. Whether for personal memories or historical records, prints on this paper are likely to retain their quality for years to come.

Graphic Design and Marketing Materials: Graphic designers and marketing professionals can utilize this paper for printing high-impact visuals, such as brochures, flyers, and promotional posters. The sharp image reproduction and glossy finish can help in creating eye-catching materials.

Home and Office Decor: The paper is also suitable for printing photographs for home or office decoration. Whether it’s framed prints or photo collages, the quality of the paper enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Educational and Professional Presentations: In educational or professional settings, this paper can be used for creating high-quality visual aids, such as presentation boards or photographic evidence for research.

In essence, GFPHOTO Magic 7 mil Photo Realistic Paper is versatile enough to suit a range of applications, from professional to personal, where the quality of the print is paramount. Its durability, color fidelity, and glossy finish make it an ideal choice for various high-end printing needs.


Thickness – 7 mil
Basis Weight – 185 g/m2
Opacity – 97%
Whiteness – 100
Brightness – 90
Gloss – (60º) 50
Optical brighteners – Yes
Core – 3 inch

Printer Compatibility




UV Cure

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

30" x 100', 36" x 100', 50" x 100', 54" x 100', 60" x 100'

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