Innova Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm IFA 54

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Innova Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm IFA 54

Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm is a natural white 100% cotton, matte inkjet canvas compatible with aqueous dye and pigment ink. Ideal for stretching, the archival quality, OBA free base means that your prints will last for decades to come when produced and stored under the right conditions. An excellent colour gamut ensures consistent colour reproduction, suitable for both colour and black and white printing. The heavyweight makes this instant dry canvas a perfect material for mixed media artworks.

Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm is ideal for creating stretched canvas displays for retail or home décor. Suitable for use with canvas stretcher bars, the natural white tone creates a neutral base for your artwork. Compatible with both pigment and dye inkjet printers, this canvas is ideal for creating limited or open edition print runs.

The archival properties of Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm ensure that prints produced with archival quality inks and stored under controlled conditions will last for more than 70 years. This means that the quality of your print is maintained over time. An excellent colour gamut ensures that the canvas surface is capable of capturing the full range of colors in your printers gamut. Innova Matte Cotton Canvas

Innova Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas Spec Sheet


The Innova Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm IFA 54 boasts several key features that make it suitable for high-quality printing applications. Here are the prominent features:

  • Natural white
  • 100% Cotton woven canvas surface
  • Aqueous pigment and dye ink compatible
  • OBA free
  • Water resistant coating
  • Excellent colour gamut
  • Easy to stretch

100% Cotton Base: The canvas is made from 100% cotton, giving it a natural feel and texture that is highly prized in the art and photography world for its classic aesthetic.

Matte Finish: The matte surface helps reduce glare and allows for viewing in various lighting conditions without reflective issues, enhancing the visibility and quality of the printed images.

Heavyweight Construction: With a weight of 370gsm, this canvas is robust and durable, lending itself well to both stretching and framing. It can handle large prints without sagging or warping.

Bright White Surface: The bright white color of the canvas enhances color reproduction, making colors appear more vibrant and blacks deeper, which is essential for high-quality reproductions.

Excellent Ink Absorption: The canvas is optimized for both dye and pigment-based inks, ensuring excellent ink absorption and color fidelity. This results in vivid, lasting prints with great nuance in color gradation.

Water Resistance: This feature makes the canvas more durable against moisture and humidity, protecting the quality of the print over time.

Stretchable Without Cracking: The canvas can be stretched over frames for mounting without the risk of cracking, which is crucial for artists and exhibitors who prepare their displays.

Archival Quality: When used with archival inks, the canvas can produce prints that last long without fading, making it suitable for archival prints meant to withstand the test of time.


The Innova Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas 370gsm IFA 54 is primarily used for applications where high-quality print results are necessary. Here are the main applications:

  • Fine art reproduction and original prints
  • Photographic limited and open edition prints
  • Stretched canvases and gallery wraps

Fine Art Reproductions: Artists and photographers often use this type of canvas to create high-quality reproductions of their original paintings and photographs. The matte finish and the texture of the canvas add a depth and an aesthetic quality that mimics traditional painting substrates.

Photographic Prints: This canvas is ideal for printing detailed, high-resolution photographs. The texture of the cotton canvas can add a tactile dimension to photographs, enhancing the visual appeal.

Gallery Displays: Due to its durability and resistance to stretching and cracking, this canvas is suitable for gallery displays. Artworks printed on this canvas can be stretched over frames for a professional presentation without the risk of damaging the print.

Exhibition Graphics: For exhibitions that require the display of large, eye-catching graphics, this canvas provides an excellent base. It can accommodate vibrant colors and deep blacks, making it suitable for impactful visual displays.

Home Decor: This canvas is also popular for creating custom home decor items, such as canvas prints that add a personal touch to home interiors.

Archival Printing: The archival quality of the canvas, when used with the right type of inks, makes it suitable for creating prints that need to last for a long time without fading or degrading.

These applications make the most of the canvas’s attributes like its color handling, durability, and aesthetic qualities, ensuring that prints remain vivid and intact over extended periods


Basic Weight: (gsm) 370
Canvas Thickness: (Microns) 500 Canvas Thickness (Inches) 0.019
Base Material: 100% Cotton
Coating Type: Aqueous Matte
Ink Type: Aqueous (Pigment and Dye)
Surface Texture: Canvas
Whiteness: (CIE) 65
Brightness: (TAPPI) 93
OBA: Content No
pH: 7.5-9.5
Recyclable: Yes

Printer Compatibility

Aqueous – Dye & UV/Pigment Inks

Weight 18 lbs

17" x 50', 24" x 50', 36" x 50', 44" x 50', 60" x 50'

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