Drytac ReTac Duo Clear Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive

A 1 mil clear PET film, coated on both sides with adhesive

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Drytac ReTac Duo Clear Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive.

Transform any visual into a permanently removable graphic!
ReTac Duo is a clear, double-sided adhesive on a clear PET carrier. It has a permanent adhesive on one side and a ReTac ultra-removable adhesive on the other. With an outdoor durability of 2 years, ReTac Duo is ideal for transforming any graphic into a wall or window graphic.

ReTac® Duo is a 1 mil clear PET film, coated on both sides with adhesive. It has a permanent adhesive on one side to be used on graphic prints and ReTac® ultra removable adhesive on the other, allowing it to be easily removed and re-positioned for repeated use. ReTac® Duo is designed to adhere to walls, doors or any smooth surface without leaving behind residue or damaging the surface when removed. The adhesive is self-wound on a two-sided, PE coated siliconized Kraft release paper.

Despite its repositionable and removable nature, ReTac Duo Clear offers long-term durability, ensuring that mounted materials remain securely in place over time. Its excellent clarity maintains the sharpness and vibrancy of graphics, images, and text, enhancing the visual impact of mounted materials.

Drytac ReTac Duo Clear Spec Sheet
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Drytac ReTac Duo Clear Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive boasts several key features that make it popular for various applications:

Double-Sided Adhesive: ReTac Duo Clear features adhesive on both sides of the film, allowing for easy mounting of graphics, signage, or other materials to surfaces.

Clear Adhesive: The adhesive is transparent, ensuring that it remains virtually invisible when applied to transparent or translucent materials, maintaining the clarity and appearance of the substrate.

Repositionable: One of its standout features is its repositionable adhesive. Users can reposition graphics multiple times during application without damaging the substrate or leaving adhesive residue behind, making it ideal for temporary or frequently updated displays.

Removable: In addition to being repositionable, ReTac Duo Clear is also removable. It can be cleanly removed from most surfaces without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the substrate, making it suitable for temporary installations.

Versatile Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including but not limited to glass, acrylic, metal, foam board, plastic, and painted surfaces, offering versatility in application.

Excellent Clarity: The adhesive maintains excellent clarity, ensuring that graphics, images, and text remain sharp and vibrant when mounted onto transparent or translucent surfaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: ReTac Duo Clear is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing flexibility in usage across different environments and conditions.

Long-Term Durability: Despite being repositionable and removable, it offers sufficient adhesion strength for long-term applications, ensuring that mounted materials remain securely in place.

Easy Application: The adhesive is designed for easy application, facilitating smooth mounting processes and minimizing the risk of wrinkles, bubbles, or misalignments.


Drytac ReTac Duo Clear Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive has several main applications across various industries:

Signage and Graphics: ReTac Duo Clear is commonly used for mounting graphics, posters, signs, and promotional materials onto various substrates, including glass, acrylic, metal, and foam board. Its transparency makes it suitable for applications where the substrate needs to remain visible.

Retail Displays: It is frequently utilized in retail environments for creating displays, window graphics, point-of-sale materials, and product presentations. Its repositionable and removable adhesive properties make it ideal for temporary displays and seasonal promotions.

Exhibitions and Events: ReTac Duo Clear is popular for mounting graphics and signage at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and events. Its ability to be repositioned without leaving residue allows for easy installation and removal without damaging surfaces.

Decorative Applications: This adhesive is also used for decorative purposes, such as mounting photographs, artwork, and decorative films onto walls, windows, and other surfaces. Its clear adhesive ensures that the underlying surface remains visible.

Packaging Prototypes: In product design and packaging industries, ReTac Duo Clear can be used for prototyping and mock-ups, allowing designers to test different layouts and designs without committing to permanent adhesion.

Education and Presentations: It is utilized in educational settings for mounting charts, diagrams, and educational materials onto boards or walls. Its repositionable nature makes it convenient for interactive learning environments.

Home and Office: Individuals may use ReTac Duo Clear for various applications in homes and offices, such as mounting photographs, artwork, calendars, and notes on walls or bulletin boards. Its removable adhesive ensures that surfaces can be updated or changed without damage.


Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
Film: Clear PET
Adhesive: ReTac® ultra removable and re-positionable adhesive
Release Liner: 2 Side PE Coated, 2 Side Siliconized Kraft
Film Thickness: 1 mil (25μ)
Adhesive Layer: 1 mil (25μ) on each side
Outdoor Durability: 2 Years

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54" x 150', 61" x 150'

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