DRYTAC Polar Blockout Opaque Printable Block Out Film

Ideal for two-sided window graphics.

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DRYTAC Polar Blockout Opaque Printable Block Out Film PBO54150.
An opaque printable block out film ideal for two-sided window graphics and other block out layer needs. To create eye-catching two-sided window graphics, simply combine Polar Blockout with a reverse printed clear print media, such as Drytac SpotOn Clear Gloss or Polar Dynamic Clear. High opacity prevents graphics from showing through on the other side when using as a cover up graphic or label.

Polar Blockout allows for the creation of double-sided window graphics without the need for ink layers or white ink. Simply pair Polar Blockout with a reverse-printed image on a Drytac clear window film.

DRYTAC Polar Blockout Opaque Printable Block Out Film Spec Sheet  DRYTAC Polar Blockout Film
DRYTAC FloorTac Matte White


Polar Blockout is a proprietary 5.9 mil (149.86μ) highly opaque layered white polymeric film with a matte finish. It is coated with a pressure-sensitive, permanent aqueous acrylic adhesive which is protected by a 78# PE coated, release paper. Polar Blockout is designed for use as two-way window graphics, cover– up labels and decals that require high opacity stock.

DRYTAC FloorTac Matte White


  • Two-sided window graphics
  • Push, pull graphics
  • Smooth glass surfaces
  • POP graphics
  • Decals
  • Stickers


DRYTAC Polar Blockout Film

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54" x 150', 60" x 150'

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